Moving Data

A common problem for any PM is when large amounts of data need to move from one team member to another.  The ideal way to move the data is to have a shared location on a server accessible by everyone with no storage limits.  If you do not have that option then I recommend trying


This service will take any file from one computer and transfer it to any other computer without installing any software and without storing the data.

The steps I take are as follows.

1 –  Zip the files I need to transfer and encrypt them.

2 –  Open JetBytes and browse to the file that I just created.

3 –  JetBytes will create a URL that I will then send in e-mail or IM to the team member that needs the files.

4 –  Once they click the link I will see the data start to transfer.  I need to leave my computer on and the window open until the transfer is complete.  Once done I close the window.

The only issue I have had with this service is that sometimes team members think the download link you send them is permanent.  You need to explain to them that the link will only work once and then never again.  To do another transfer a new session will need to be setup.

There is no file size restriction for this service so the only real constraint is the speed of the network between the two parties.

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