How the military goes about building a new gun

Flowcharts are like chocolate they are good in small amounts but try and eat to much at one time and you will end up sick. Below is an example end to end process flow from the Department of Defense.

Most people not familiar with flowcharts will see a complete mess. The truth is this level of flow chart lets you know two things. First the Department of Defense has well documented process flows. Second there is no reason to flow chart in this level of detail such a large life cycle. When you do this items that are not as important in the process flow get the same weight or more as items that are critical. Notice how many times and the size of the Initial Product Baseline occurs. In fact multiple process groups or documents are repeated throughout the graphic making it look bigger then it really is. The flash version available at the military website (Note: this site requires the installation of a military certificate to your browser) does a better job of putting things in context.

The question that I have to ask is with such well defined process how is it that the military has a history of going over budget? Leave your creative comments below.

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