Open Heat map

One the most important slices of information is how it relates to physical location.  Often project managers deal with excel spreadsheets that contain a record tied to a location(city, state, country, etc)  Now excel does have some ways to view the information that can be helpful, but it does not map the information.  Say you had a product quality issue that was generating calls to the help desk.  It would be easy to see that Bahrain was the current top location generating the issues, but what is next to Bahrain?  How can you tell if your problem is spreading via physical means?

The site is a good start.  It will take a data set and map with a view that shows volume over time.  As an example I pulled the Natural Gas data set from the UN statistics division.  I made some minor changes to column headings and then sent it to

Here are the results values are in Peta-joules.  The slider on the bottom will change the year and the one on the left will change the maps zoom.  If you drag the bottom slider all the way to the left and then hit the play button you will see the change over time.

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